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Pastor Sunil John D'souza

I greet each and every brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, by the holy name of Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ is doing mighty things through our ministry, he is healing the mentally ill people, who were wandering in the streets ,through our ministry and is giving salvation to them and gave them all the opportunities to lead life like the normal people."The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes" (Psalms 118:23). Not only that but many has received salvation and are leading their life for Christ Jesus. He has healed many sick people, and the people who were affected through demonic powers. We are just instruments in the hand of Christ Jesus, all glory be to him. He has taken us to many places of this world to share his gospel and pray for sick people. I was born in a Catholic family but even though I did not know anything about the Bible nor about Christ Jesus. I was leading a life which was not useful for my family nor public. I was drinking alcohol and was doing gangster activities, because of this my mother was crying a lot for me. I studied only till 8th standard within this time I have changed 6 schools. In 1997 June 15th I got the salvation and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. God helped to start his ministry from 2000 January 1st in my birthplace. Many people wondered looking at the changes which took place in my life. "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me" (1Corinthians 15:10). The Church which was started only by 5 to 6 people is been multiplied by our Lord Jesus Christ up to 300 people. Jesus Christ helped us to start a new ministry according to his vision called as (HOF) Vishwasada mane, mentally rehabilitation center. We bring the people who will be wandering in the roads as mentally ill people. And cut their hairs, remove their beard and mustache, give them a fresh bath and new clothes to wear. They won't have any remembrance of their family, religion, the life they lead and even their name. we give them medical treatment, and pray for their health. Some of them get healed and get their memory power within 3 months. After they get healed and get their memory power we teach them some works to do, like welding works, tailoring, to build the houses, gardening, cutting trees, cattle rearing, candle making, cooking, plate making etc…… After that we find their address and help them to return to their families. Some people reach their families after 25, 23, 28, and 30 years. We have our children's home, old age home, home for the physically handicapped. Totally up to 235people are under our shelter. And upto 125 people, from many state of India like Orrisa, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Goa, Bihar have returned to their families. We have our branch churches in Bangalore and kollegalaWe have kerith Bible school, 24 hours prayer tower and Devara Swara (Voice of god) monthly magazine. We conduct many power conferences, seminars, youth conference, fasting prayers, ladies meetings, couples meeting, children's seminars, counsellings, prayer for the sick, deliverance prayers, church planting, prayer walk and evangelism ministry. I have a beautiful wife Elizabeth D'souza, daughter Rachel Jemima D'souza and son Faith D'souza. We need prayer support, financial support and encouragement for our ministry. Thank you and god bless you. Jesus loves you all.

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India : +91 988 021 9562
Bahrain : 00 973 3905 3086
Dubai : 00 9715 0945 6358
Kuwait : 00 965 977 42178
Muscat : 00 968 9238 8089
Qatar : 00 974 647 8474
Saudi : 00 9665 6403 0534

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[email protected]

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Kannada Rajyotsava Prashasathi Honouring by Pramod Madwaraj, MLA Udupi - Nagarika Hitarakshana Vedike Kodankur Udupi on 19th May 2013. Pr. Sunil was awarded with Manjunatha Udyavara Prashasthi – 2013 on 16th March 2013. IFKCA Lifetime Achievement Awards - 2012 Pr. Sunil John D'souza Awared With SAMAJA RATNA on 4th Nov 2012 at Mumbai  Kannada Seva Sangha Powai Mumbai Pr. Sunil John D'souza Awared With NAVODAYA SADANA PRASHASTI on 20th Oct 2012 at Kaup by Navodhaya Grama Vikasa Charitable Trust ® Pr. Sunil John D'souza honoured By Lion's Club Ambalpady  On 4th Sep 2012

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About Us

"Divine Generation Ministries, Bethel Church" is an international ministry founded by Pastor Sunil John D'souza with a divine vision to heal many brokenhearted, drunkard, sick people through Lord Jesus Christ..."

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