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Divine generation ministries as the name itself says 'DIVINE', which comes from the Lord. In the same way this ministry started through the vision from the Lord which is for Him to build His kingdom for His glory.

Divine Generation is not just a name, but it is a revelation from the Lord. The vision is to proclaim Jesus to people through which healing, protecting and declaring salvation for the people who are unreached, oppressed and neglected by the society and also by their own families.

As you begin to browse our website, you will see the people's life getting transformed and their life being restored back to normal life by DIVINE GENERATION MINISTRIES team.

We are also glad to announce that, our HOME OF FAITH destitutes designed many products (give a link to products) which are really good, and we believe these products will be pleased to use. It's just away from one click to your heart.

About Us

About Us

"Divine Generation Ministries, Bethel Church" is an international ministry founded by Pastor Sunil John D'souza with a divine vision to heal many brokenhearted, drunkard, sick people through Lord Jesus Christ..."

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Pastor Sunil John D'souza

Pastor Sunil John D'souza, a young apostle of GOD and founder of the Divine Generation Ministries, Bethel Church was born on May 27, 1974. Pr.Sunil who had tremendous knowledge of God's word...

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